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These beautiful Maasai couple is a welded Figurine sculpture that can be used for house decor as Candleholders, Lampshades ,Centerpieces.

The sculptures are representatives of our Maasai people from Kenya and Tanzania. 
The warrior is holding a shield and the woman next to him is carrying a guard.

The couple is sold together at one price.

*They come in different sizes - up to human life-size 

*The middle part (beaded body ) Bead colors on the photos are Gold, Brown, and Black, you are welcome to suggest colors of your liking. Just drop us a message.

*The body part is made with a Plaster of pairs bandage shell mold, to create a firm fit, then beaded all over the surface to create this beautiful creation

The sculptures are handmade using Recycled scrap metal;

*The shield that is carried by the male Maasai warrior is made of scrap metal of a rear bicycle cassette welded onto it
*The Maasai lady is carrying a guard on her back, painted in different designs, attached with a bicycle chain for support
* The Necklaces on the couple are from bicycle disk brakes and chain wheel then painted to match the body 
* standing legs and hands are from scrap builders stands

*The expressive faces are molded with the plaster of pairs and coated with bronze.

We can customize it to your liking, please drop us a message.

Maasai Sculpture Candle Holders Figurine | Maasai Couple Lampshad

750,00$ Prix original
600,00$Prix promotionnel
  • Dust with dry cloth

    keep away from moist, wet areas and direct sunlight

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